We guarantee the accuracy
and flexibility of deliveries

CNTL Logistics

We deliver milk over long distances in a timely and high-quality manner
1600 km
supply rout
regions of presence
CNTL base is Kazan, the capital of the region №1 in dairy raw production
Pskov region
Smolensk region

city of Rudnya

1500 km
Bryansk region
Kaluga Region
Tula region
Belgorod region
Voronezh Region

city of Voronezh

1040 km
Volgograd region
Penza region
Saratov region

city of Saratov

665 km
Samara region

city of Samara

265-360 km
Orenburg region

city of Orenburg

710 km
Chelyabinsk region

city of Magnitogorsk

875 km
Republic of Bashkortostan

cities of: Ufa, Belebey, Meleuz

450-770 km
Perm Region
The Republic of Udmurtia

the city of Izhevsk, UVAROVKA v.

770 km
Republic of Mari El
Kirov region
Nizhny Novgorod region
The Chuvash Republic
Republic of Mordovia
Moscow region

Ozeretskoye v., RAOS s.,

cities of: Stupino,

Dolgoprudny, Chekhov

800-900 km
Kostroma region
Vologda region
Arkhangelsk region
Rostov region
Leningrad region

Own vehicles fleet

We control the accuracy
and the quality of supplies
20 units
of own equipment
  • https://cantal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/autopark-item-img-1.svg
    Scania 28 tons
  • https://cantal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/autopark-item-img-2.svg
    Scania 24 tons
  • https://cantal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/autopark-item-img-3.svg
    Камаз 20 tons

All milk trucks undergo regular sanitary treatment and comply with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Drivers carry personal medical books with the volume of tests necessary for the driver of the milk truck and a sheet of the register of vehicle washes.

Logistics chain management uses a centralized CRM system. Strict compliance with delivery schedules and volumes.

Logistics opportunities

  • Exact compliance with the volume and schedule of deliveries, according to the approved specification
  • The possibility of operational volume limitation in case of breakdown, production shutdown
  • If necessary, we attract additional transport from reliable shipping companies
  • The possibility of spot delivery (on request)

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