Flexible in supplies
Stable in quality

Our mission is to create conditions for balanced work and development of milk producers and processors

Since 2016
Reputation of a reliable partner

Cantal Group LLC is a strategic partner in the milk and dairy ingredients distribution chain.

Every year we expand the geography of supplies, strengthen the base of quality milk producers, and develop in the segment of wholesale sales of dairy ingredients both in Russia and abroad.

Our priority is exceptional customer service, which allows us to provide responsible, flexible and favorable solutions.

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million rubles VAT was paid since 2016
Since the beginning of our activity, we strictly comply with the law and bear the burden of tax liability
  • 2023
    103 314 016
    244 367 115
  • 2022
    43 764 881
    61 476 961
  • 2021
    41 193 422
    56 853 386
  • 2020
    44 404 825
    52 787 741
  • 2019
    40 523 884
    51 642 520
  • 2018
    49 761 434
    59 891 469
  • 2017
    35 384 245
    42 108 678
  • 2016
    15 360 164
    19 819 613
All taxes

Our priorities

We are responsible for the quality

  • We guarantee stability in the quality of raw materials
  • We strictly exclude mixing of milk and its adulteration
  • We are responsible for the quality of dairy ingredients
  • We are developing our laboratory capabilities and quality control system

We invest in the dairy ecosystem of Russia

  • We are an important link, bringing balance to the industry through our financial, logistical and technological advantages
  • We build strong strategic relationships with our partners, prioritizing long-term cooperation over short-term gains

We develop our own competencies

  • We employ experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields
  • We provide the most relevant solutions in the industry
  • We actively participate in the life of the professional community
  • We are constantly learning and implementing the acquired knowledge in our activities
  • We provide competent consulting for technologists of enterprises

We optimize the supply chain in all areas

  • We expand our geographical presence every year
  • We develop our client base both in Russia and abroad
  • We are constantly expanding the fleet of our own vehicles
  • We monitor the purity of transactions
  • We provide comfortable financial conditions
  • We provide competent technical support 24/7

Today, CNTL is an advanced infrastructure Raw Milk Department providing the best service to its clients

Raw Milk Department
Transport and Logistics Department
Finished Products Department
Management and Finance Department
Quality Control Department
FEA Department

The CNTL command

Arkady Khachaturian
Raw materials procurement director
Yuri Byazin
Milk procurement regional director
Timur Sarimov
Head of the Foreign Trade Department
Dmitry Afanasyev
Head of procurement department
Peter Sorokin
Wholesale sales director
Zulfiya Badretdinova
Head of the wholesale department
Dmitry Yuch
Director of development
Diana Makarova
Deputy director of finance
Daria Kachaeva
Head of service logistics
Ramil Giniyatullin
Head of the logistics and shipping department
Fanis Nasibullin
Head of Quality Control Department
Alexandra Berezhkova
Russian Market Wholesale Sales Manager
Maria Smirnova
Russian Market Wholesale Sales Manager
Ilyas Akhmetzyanov
Dairy raw procurement manager
Artyom Tkachuk
Manager of the Foreign Trade Department
Roman Zykov
Manager of the Foreign Trade Department
Saria Gayazova
Chief accountant

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