We supply a full range of dairy
products for enterprises

We are responsible for the quality of the products supplied

  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Base of responsible suppliers and reliable contractors
  • Quality management system. Testing of samples in independent laboratories

We will supply any product.
With no borders!

  • 01
    For Oil-Fat Plants
  • 02
    For confectionary and ice cream manufacturers
  • 03
    For processors of dairy products
  • 04
    For brand holders
  • 05
    For feed and agriculture additive products manufacturers
  • 06
    For meat products manufacturers
  • 07
    For baking production
  • 08
    For baby food manufacturers
  • 09
    For sports nutrition manufacturers

For sports nutrition manufacturers. Accessibility to remote areas.

Ability to import and export
36 hours
The ability of prompt delivery. Delivery within 36 hours across the Central Federal District

Delivery to the most distant regions of the country

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Supply chain control, accurate compliance with the terms and conditions of storage along the entire product route
  • We work with only responsible logistics partners

We know how to optimize your production costs

We clearly understand the production goals

We have practical experience in processing milk and raw materials. We know the intricacies of dairy production. We provide competent technological solutions.

We offer safe and cost-effective solutions

Be independent of the specific supplier or ingredient. With the extensive CNTL base, we will always find the best solution to reduce your business costs.

We choose products for the quality desired

We offer advice with a competent technologist. We will help you choose analogues and recipes to optimize costs while maintaining high product quality

Supply of scarce items

Supply of rare ingredients for unique products and industries. We will find and supply products despite foreign economic barriers.

We are aimed at a long and loyal relationship

We work individually with each client
We are always in touch
  • 01
    Expert selection
    We can hear the requirements and find solutions exactly for your request
  • 02
    Work with VAT
    We assume responsibility
  • 03
    Payment deferment
    We provide financial flexibility

How to partner?

We are always in search of new partners. We offer mutually beneficial conditions, comfortable cooperation, effective logistics. It’s easy to start working with us.

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    Leave a request on the website, tell us about your business and our manager will contact you. Or call or email directly.

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    Prepare the necessary documents to execute the contract, we can help you to orient in it.

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